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    web compatible highlighting



      web compatible highlighting


      So since yesterday I have been trying to work out a way to highlight text labels or fields in order to indicate that a user has entered incorrect data into a form (right now, I am just trying to detect if necessary fields have been missed).

      The approach I need to use has to be web compatible, so this rules out conditional formatting. Based on a thread from yesterday, I followed Phil's advice and created a container to color a calculation field. However this has yielded some issues:

      The behaviour is correct if I am accessing the system through Filemaker. However, as soon as I access it via the website, the highlighting does not show up at all (earlier I was seeing the highlighting on one of the three fields, but now I don't see it on any. I used to have one container for each field, and now only have one container for all of them). Is this approach web-compatible?

      Also, every time I quit Filemaker and restart it, the container that I created to contain my highlighting is empty, so I have to refill it every time I re-start Filemaker. How can I ensure that the data inside remains from session to session?

      I have gone through the process a dozen times, and am not really sure what I am missing.

      Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hello There,

          May be you are missing something or there is any compatibility issue on browser or server side.

          There is a very useful video on web that you can use as a refernece for the same.

          see the video here.




          FileMaker- http://www.filemakerrecovery.net/

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            Hi Anax,


            Thanks for the response to my question! The video was easy to follow, but the result is not exactly what I am looking for. I am using a Mac, so the best symbol (❚) that I can get does not create a continuous fill. Additionally, my fill areas may be larger than a field, sometimes encompassing many fields at once, so the effect is not very good.

            Also, the symbols show up in Filemaker, but not on the website! How do I know if the browser/server is compatible? Please note that I did not set up the server, and am just working with an existing system.

            Any other thoughts? I have searched high and low for other approaches, and keep coming up dry, so your help is really appreciated!