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    Web database input for customers



      Web database input for customers


      Hi - We run a Humane Society shelter. I have a template we designed that when a person calls in with a lost animal, we log it in the database (name, description, picture, etc.) Is there a way for the person calling in, to access our database with their computer and input the data and picture themselves? I'd just want them to be able to input just that one record and not be able to edit any of the other lost animal records, although it would be OK if they searched the other records and viewed them. I've read up, and understand that they could access the database, but is there a way to restrict them to just inputting a new record and not mess with the other data?


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          FileMaker offers two ways to "publish" a databae to the web: Instant web publishing (IWP) and custom web publishing (CWP). You can download PDF files from the downloads link at the top of this screen that provide a great deal of techincal info on these options and they are also included with your install of FileMaker (Look in your help menu for a way to open and read them).

          Thus, there are ways to set up IWP so that outside users can access your database but be restricted by scripting, layout design and security settings to only being able to create a record and enter new information into it.