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Web Direct Excel Import

Question asked by edward.hung on Jun 17, 2014
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Web Direct Excel Import



     Forward Note: My apologies in advance, I've made a similar post to the FM Server Forum as I did not know which Forum was suitable.

Summary: Unclear how to import Excel data via Web Direct

Product: Filemaker Pro 13 on Web Direct hosted on external cloud FM server


     I'm trying to import Excel data into FM tables via Web Direct so that my users can then connect remotely to the hosted FM file and import the data to the database on FM GO and perform data entry via FM GO and export as PDF.


     I cannot seem to produce a script step which successfully imports the data. It works fine on FM Pro but returns an error in Web Direct. 

     - Do I need to specify a file path?

     - How do I specify the input order and input table? 


     Any help would be greatly appreciated.