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Web Direct Export to PDF Workaround

Question asked by Col.Panic on Apr 29, 2014
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Web Direct Export to PDF Workaround


     I'm trying to come up with a workaround to the printing and pdf limitations in web direct.  My solution is working great in web direct but I MUST send reports out as pdf files - thats most of what my solution does.  I can work around it simply by logging in with an ipad and converting the report to pdf which gave me an idea.

     Could I have an instance of Pro running on the server (or another computer) that constantly scans through records and whenever a certain field changes (like an "Export record to Pdf" check box) it would automatically run the export script and upload the new pdf into a container thus giving me access to the pdf from the browser where I checked the export box?

     Is this a viable workaround or is there a simpler way?  I'm new to scripting so any help with the steps would be much appreciated.