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Web direct Issue with Sub-summary Reports

Question asked by fireballprinting on Feb 16, 2015
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Web direct Issue with Sub-summary Reports




I haven't done too much with web direct until now, so I may be missing something. I created a sub-summary report of our sales tax figures so our accountant could log on via web direct and see the numbers. I've noticed that when the report first loads in web direct it only displays some of the information, not the full report. For instance, it will only show one or two sub-summary results but not all of them. I added the found count to the layout, and the total number of records is the same as it is in the same report open in filemaker. I've also noticed that if I make changes in layout mode to the report in filemaker, and then save them, while the report is also up in web direct, the report will display correctly in web direct. But the problem happens again after logging out of web direct and then logging back in. I tried adding a refresh window step to the script to see if that was part of the problem, but it didn't help. Just wondering if there's an easy fix to this issue, or if it's just general bugginess and I should find another solution.