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Web Direct: Local copy and server copy

Question asked by gregdc on Jan 13, 2014
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Web Direct: Local copy and server copy


     We use a FM Advanced Server to server our Web Direct applications.   As the main developer/maintenance person I have a local copy of the application on my computer for trying out changes/bug fixes.

     I have tried a couple of time with FM13 to set up a Web Direct on my local computer from this local copy of the DB.  But when I put in the web address that FM13 says it is using I get connection errors.  If I do not put in a port number I get Web page can not be found.  If I put 591 in as the port I get "that page can not be displayed".

     I have no problem reaching the production Web Direct or the production Client.   I just can not seem to get the local Web Direct to work so I can test changes from my local database.   

     Any suggestion?