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Web form in PHP/MySQL to send data to FMP

Question asked by djspider on Sep 15, 2009
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Web form in PHP/MySQL to send data to FMP


Friends, I have a copy of FMP on my Mac, and I also have a website, in PHP, with a MySQL database, and an order form, where people fill out the usual: their name, address, phone, email, fax, as well as quantity and type of product they want, and the form, using JavaScript or PHP, calculates their tax, shipping, discount, etc., and assigns a unique order number as well as puts today's date. Then all this is sent to my web MySQL database, and I get an email notification of the order, as does the customer.


Question -- how do I integrate this with FMP? In other words, how can automate the process, where either FMP connects to the MySQL database and imports all the data (on a daily basis, for example), or everything could be submitted to FMP via an export from MySQL? Any plugins and add-ons that help automate this basic and very needed task?


Second question would be the reverse of this, how can my computer's FMP "update" the MySQL database with the latest or corrected info, as well as any new purchase order that I might have done from information coming via phone, email, fax, in person?


Thank you.