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    Web Form to retrieve data



      Web Form to retrieve data


      Hi I am a new user and would like to create a database of names and addresses for a competition and ideally I would like the data to be input from a web site.  Can i do this with just FM Pro 10 or do I need some additional software.


      Sorry if this is a basic question.


      Any advice gratefully recd 

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          The Femaker Pro version can allow input from web browsers from five concurrent users. (at one time)

           Filemaker Server allows more concurrent users.


          You need to set up your IP address (static or dynamic IP address) to allow users to access the database.

          If hosted on your computer, it needs to be ON all the time, unless updating will only happen from 8 to 5.

          If hosted on a server, you need to pay someone to host the database, that hosts Filemker Databases. 

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            If you are interested in having your database hosted by a professional FileMaker hosting provider, have a look at our services:




            We've been hosting FileMaker for over 11 years.  Using a host can save you the cost of FileMaker Server (Advanced), server hardware, upgrades and monitoring for an affordable monthly fee.  Feel free to contact me here or off-list at jmay(at)pointinspace.com with any questions you may have.  Thanks!


            - John