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Web page call, script executes but hangs the returning Web page

Question asked by becfms on Nov 1, 2010
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Web page call, script executes but hangs the returning Web page


Hi FMP Folks,

I have a script that deletes a found set of records. The     script executes fine from a Web page call, but the resulting Web     page hangs, in other words, after many seconds, a blank page is     returned.

Having converted the database from FMP6 to FMP11/FMPSA11, I've     updated the script to have the "Confirm" statement and I even added     the "Exit Script" directive after that; still it hangs.

Again, the script does execute in the database, deleting all     found records, so I'm pretty sure I have the permissions set     correctly. I set a global field to capture script results     (as stated in the "Exit Script" directive) but nothing is captured.

So, it's deleting the found records, not returning the result, and     hangs the Web page. It's a PHP coded Web page and so far all other PHP/FMP directives have been working fine.

Any thoughts? Below is the script in it's entirety.

Thanks for any and all help,

**************** Script:

Delete All Records [No dialog]
Commit Records/Requests [Skip data entry validation; no dialog]
Exit Script [Result: "All Deleted"]

**************** PHP Web Page Algorithm:

Find all records with ID xxx.

Execute "DeleteAllFound" script (above).