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    Web Page links to FileMaker Database



      Web Page links to FileMaker Database


           I would like to create a link for our teachers on a web page to make it easier for them to open some of our hosted databases on our FileMaker Pro Server.

           I created a link fmp://fp12.neenah.k12.wi.us/atrisk.fmp12 and it works in Safari and Firefox, but does not work in Chrome.

           Is there a solution to this? We are a Google Apps for Education district, so many of our staff use Chrome.

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               Are these databases being hosted for access by FileMaker Pro/Go clients or is it being published to the web for access by users with web browsers? If the latter, are you using Instant Web Publishing, Web Direct or Custom Web Publishing?

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                 This databases are hosted on our FileMaker Pro Server to be opened by the FileMaker Pro applications on their MacBook Airs.

                 Not using a browser.

                 They don't like Open Remote

                 Having a page of "Links" to open specific databases (we have over 100) makes it easy to categorize the databases. We use to put the links in our FirstClass email conferencing system, but we have moved from that to GAFE. Now we are finding Chrome to be FileMaker unfriendly.

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                   Hosting over 100 different database files is very unusual. Are you still using files that have just one table to each file perhaps? If so, that would seem a less than optimum design to have in use.

                   Here is an alternative to using links on a web page:

                   Give each person a FileMaker database file stored on their individual work stations. You can put one button for each file that they might need to open, each with an Open File step that does the Remote Open for them.

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                No, we actually have about 100 databases, many of these databases have many tables. We are a school district with many diverse requests (special education, administrative, directories, inventories, forms, subject areas, etc) for databases.

                Each teacher has FileMaker installed on their computer. We use to use FirstClass for our email, and I would put links to the databases within FirstClass. Now that we have gone "Google", I would like to place links to the databases on our Staff Resources web page, so staff can click the link to open the database hosted on our server.

                Some of our databases are 'known' by other names than the actual database name (ie AtRisk.fmp12 vs Velocity Referral Form Database). Mainly because (as educators) we keep changing names of things :-)

                Anyway, the link fmp://fp12.neenah.k12.wi.us/AtRisk.fmp12 works in Safari and Firefox but NOT in Google Chrome. Need to figure out a way for Google Chrome to accept the link.


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                  I pasted your url into  Chrome and then I pressed enter, it changed the url, I then deleted the address bar and pasted the url again, which caused a history  dropdown to be displayed, I then select the url from this dropdown then Chrome displays a popup that states "External Protocol Request" Remember my Choice I clicked to remember.   Now Chrome automatically opens the file in Filemaker.