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      Web Publishing


      My company recently bought file maker pro-advanced. We almost always work from home and so all use different internet connections. We have been trying to figure out instant web publishing. For now we are using my computer as the host computer. When I'm at home I can go to the web page: and all our databases appear. Anyone in my home can access the web page as well. But anyone elsewhere can't get on the webpage. What are we doing wrong? The web page I listed is my IP address. Are we meant to use a different one? HELP.




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          Thank you for your post.


          It sounds like you don't have a static IP address.  The IP address may be assigned to you by your internet provider.  Check with them to see if it is a dynamic or static IP address.


          If it is a static IP address, make sure your internet provider allows port 5003 to be available outside of its network as well as ports 16000 through 16018.  This will allow others to access the file outside of the subnet.



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