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    Web publishing



      Web publishing


      Tried port 80, 591 and the database is not publishing.  mac 10.6 on Filemaker 11

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          You have the database open in Filemaker 11 (?11,0)  on a Mac running 10.6 (?10.6.3)

          You are trying to open it on the same Mac or a different Mac? On the same network or a different network?

          The IP address of the hosting Mac is

          If you try to open the database on the same computer, is there an error message?

          The IP address of the computer you are using to try access? Browser being used?

          http://ipaddress:591  ??

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            Thanks for response...


            I confirm the mac is open with the FM application running and the database is also running and the FP Sharing>Instant web is ON.


            I was told by FP staff that it I needed to find my IP which I did, that it should open with the IP but perhaps there is more to this than just the IP of my server... are you suggesting a router IP, computer IP and the FP address as well? 

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              additional info:

              I am maintianing a company database in a work from home environment on an iMac runnning 10.6.3.  FP11 was downloaded yesterday so I expect it is current.


              I want a couple other folks in manamgement to be able to access the database but at this time nothing other than read privledges which I have set up.


              The FP staff tried to access the database prior to password protection being active and could not get to the database.


              I tried from a seperate mac in my home network and could not access.


              IDEALLY, I want to be able to access from my laptop and have management be able to access/review.

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                an hour on chat/phone with Comcast.  Per Sr Tech apparently Comcast does not allow Port Forwarding other than emal port (25 or something like that)... am I stuck?

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                  Got with apple, I have time capsule set up so I can do port mapping with the time capsule but looks like I need to know the following: (all from the map porting set up menu)

                  -Choose service (personal web sharing or personal file sharing or??? lots of options

                  =Public UDP ports

                  -Public TCP ports

                  -private IP address (loaded in setup)

                  -Private UDP Port(s)

                  -Private TCP port(s)


                  I presume i have a comcast dynamic IP port so this is going to change isnt it, any suggestions?


                  If anyone can help me I appreciate it.

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                    I have not used a Time Capsule before but here's what I would say:


                    For this example let's say your IP address to the world (the one Comcast gives you) is:

                    and your machine hosting the file has an ip address on your network of:

                    and you are using IWP on port: 591


                    - Choose Service:  Is this a drop-down menu that autofills the remaining fields?  Not sure if it matters what you select here.

                    -  Public UDP ports:  not sure if this is needed

                    -  Public TCP ports:  591

                    -  Private IP address: (based on your description this is not modifiable? probably fine)

                    -  Private UDP ports:  not sure if this is needed

                    -  Private TCP ports:  591


                    with this setup, in order for someone to connect to your db over IWP they would go to which would be your comcast address. Time Capsule would then identify that all traffic on port 591 should be directed to, which would be your db. 


                    The most important part of this setup is the Public / Private TCP port info. Based on my [quick] research, IWP does not require UDP ports, but don't quote me on that.

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                      Thanks for the help...


                      the pull down menu under Port Mapping Setup Ass't:

                      -Personal web sharing

                      -Personal File Sharing

                      =Windows Sharing

                      -Remote Log in

                      -FTP access

                      -Apple Remote Desktop

                      -Remote Apple Events

                      -Printer Sharing

                      and various email related POP, imap etc...


                      My guess is Personal Web Sharing?


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                        also, there is a Filemaker URL for the instant web publishing of 10.01.10:591 so i am not sure how that enters into the mix...???