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      Web Publishing


      Frustration, Frustration

      I have a FM10 database which I want to publish on the web for use by others. This was created on a Mac.

      I don't want to host the file.  My web site provider has created a website, which he hosts.  He uses my domain name and has provided me with ftp login details. What the heck do I need to do.  I have zero website creation experience.

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          A hosted Filemaker database using Instant Web Publishing means the host is running Filemaker.

          The database is uploaded (usually with a special FMP remote management control panel) and runs on the hosting server running FMP Server Advanced.

          Filemaker Pro and Filemaker Pro Advanced can host an IWP database for 5 concurrent users.

          Filemaker Server Advanced can host an IWP database for 100 concurrent users.

          There is an option called Custom Web Publishing which is very sophisicated and requires deep knowledge.  see   http://fmwebschool.com

          Some people use FMP to create static web pages containing the database information.

          You need a computer (Mac, Windows), Filemaker running on the computer, IWP sharing turned on for the database, a fast internet connection.

          You can not do it with what you have.


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            For more on web publishing, see the "Instant Web Publishing Guide" that comes with your copy of FileMaker Pro. It can be opened by selecting it from "Product Documentation" in the Help menu.

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              I am correct in thinking that you need a static ip address to publish with IWP?  To clarify I mean publish on the WWW and not on a LAN

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                It's a good option, but if you research this, you'll find that there are services that can be used to compensate for the lack. Consulting with your ISP before you publish is a good idea anyway.

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                  A static IP address is preferred.

                  If you have Comcast for instance, a power outage in the area might mean your IP address would change when power comes on.

                  There are ways around this - http://www.no-ip.com/   http://www.dnsexit.com/Direct.sv?cmd=dynDns   among others.

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                    So in summary my choices for putting a database on the web are:


                    a) Pay a web host with specialist expertise and software for Filemaker

                    b) Become a web host with specialist expertise and software for Filemaker


                    Is that correct?