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      Web Publishing & Classic Theme?


      I get that web publishing is only compatible with Classic Them. My question is can you have a database with layouts using other thems, but then create a layout in Classic Them specifically for web publishing or do all the layouts have to be done in Classic Theme even when they are not in use. I'm trying to avoid having to start over with a whole new db file. I have created one layout that is in classic theme and shared it via web publishing. When I go to open it on the web, I'm getting the error message that web publishing only allows classic them which I have used for that layout.


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          I haven't tried this method but it should work, I guess if it works you can post on here.   You can separate your data files from your layouts.  You would have two  different databases.  I would create one database for desktop use with tables. Then create a  second iwp db without tables and use External Data source to connect to the desktop tables.  Basiclly your second database is just the layout.   


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            That's an interesting idea. I don't know if keeping all your layouts in one file and only allowing web users to access those that are "classic" will work or not, but if you choose to split your file like S Chamblee has suggested, you might check out this link for a step by step description of how to take a single file and split it into interface and data files. You can then take one copy of the interface file and modify the layouts to better suit the requirements of IWP.

            Convert to Seperation Model

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              Thanks for all the help and I like the idea of creating a web version front end and pulling in the data from the master db. I deleted all the records from my duped db file I had created for the web and went to file/manage/external data sources and joined the web front end db to the data table in my master db. Only problem is it's not working. I think everything is set up correctly but when I go to the web front end db, I do not find the data. Any idea as to what I'm' doing wrong?


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                How did you "join the web front end db to the data table"?

                Did you follow the steps in the link that I provided?

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                  Once I went back and reread your instructions, I got it. IWP DB is now linking to the data db.