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Web Publishing Access when host is on a wireless network

Question asked by Keystone on Aug 25, 2009
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Web Publishing Access when host is on a wireless network




I am running my FM Pro 10 database on my Mac, connected to an Airport Extreme, so I'm connected to the Internet via my wireless network, which has an IP address of, which is of course different than my IP address when I got to "".


When I send the IP address (from to my colleague and he enters it into his browser, he can't connect, e.g.: http://63.456.88.99


We've also tried adding the port numbers as a suffix, when I specify them in my sharing settings, e.g.: http://63.456.88.99:80http://63.456.88.99:591, etc., and he keeps getting error messages.


I've made sure that I've set up the web publishing to allow 'full access', and I'm definitely running the database (i.e. I can access the database internally by entering my wireless network IP). 


He has the same set up at home, i.e. running an iMac, connecting through a wireless Airport router.


Can anyone please tell me how he can access the database remotely? Thanks!