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Web Publishing and Printing

Question asked by MatthewSpaw on Dec 4, 2012
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Web Publishing and Printing



     I have web published a database that was previously not web published.  One of the buttons it had used some print commands in a script that do not work with web publishing.  I was fine with that, but my output is still borderline unusable when I get rid of the print scripts.  The button (as of now, after I got rid of the print functions) searches for records with no "Pickup Date" and displays them.  I need for our waste hauler to be able to go to our web published db and print all the records that have no pick up date. 

     If you go to print in say, Firefox, it will print the Filemaker Web Publishing toolbar along with it, which shrinks my printable size down since its so wide.  My records are formatted to fit across a sheet of portrait paper, so i need to get rid of the toolbar.  Next, I tried just to right click and "print frame" but I end up with 11 blank pages, and one page of records.

     It would be nice if I could use a button to just open a new window with a print formatted layout.  It would also be nice if I could say somehow to not cut a particular record and put it on two pages, but to just move the entire record to a new page if its split between two pages.

     Is there any functionality to do either of these things for a web published database?