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Web publishing data errors

Question asked by DomCiarrocchi on Apr 16, 2013
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Web publishing data errors


     I'm using FileMaker 11 Pro Advanced.

     I have a database I'm trying to web publish but seem to be running into a few issues.

     Accessing the file remotely seems to be working great. The issues are that I have a checkbox field with 1230 items in it. All of these show up in the appropriate layout on the FileMaker client, but not when viewed remotely via web browser. The list gets cut off at about 800, and then I lose 5 or 6 items at the bottom of every row. I was making adjustements to the field size in layout view, and now the data will not dispaly at all in web view. It will flash for a split second then vanish altogether. The rest of the form displays without issue.


     Any ideas (to what are I think seperate issues) would be greatly appreciated.