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Web Publishing Engine not WORKING... PLS HELP!!!!

Question asked by KAmsinger on Jan 14, 2011


Web Publishing Engine not WORKING... PLS HELP!!!!



I am on Windows server 2003 w/ FileMaker Pro Server 10 Adv running on the server.

I have tried time and time again to get the Web Publishing Engine to start but I have been unsucessful.

I have reinstalled the software several times still nothing.

My IIS is up and running my World Wide Web Services is running I have turned off the ISAPI Extensions Cache because I heard that interferes w/ the WPE.

Everything that I have read on the forums I believe I have done but nothing seems to work and the software keeps saying that the Web Publishing Engine is not running.

Even when I hit the "Start Web Publishing" button in the admin console the button grays out like it's on but in the overview of the server says "Ann error was encountered communicating with the server."

Web Server Green light is on w/ PHP listed as on.

Web Publishing Engine has Red Light but shows IWP, XML, XSLT all ON,

and Database Server has a Green Light on and ODBC/JDBC is on. 

But every time I hit "Edit Server Deployment" Everything shows at the end that it is good to go I hit finish button and it deploys and then I keep getting this error message. 

Deployment/Configurations error- 150 Starting the WPE Component Failed: Error Code = 2500

Please Help!