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Web Publishing for Lost Pet Search

Question asked by JeanAnneMayhall on Jan 26, 2013


Web Publishing for Lost Pet Search


     Our company is a 10 year user of FM PRO.  We make and sell tiny pet microchips. The national database in the USA has invited us to share our microchip numbers to help lost pets get home faster. This requires that we set up a web based platform to which they have access.

     When a lost pet enters an animal shelter, the shelter will query the 'lookup tool' which will query us and all other participating microchip companies in the USA, looking for a match (registered owner).

     My question is this. All of the microchip numbers and registered owners are in our FM Pro databases. Would FM web publishing be able to accomplish what is required of us?  While I am familiar with FM Pro and have designed and implemented it's use in our office for years, I am NOT the one who will be doing this setup.  If your answers regarding the implemetation of Web Publishing are basically yes...I will hire an FM consultant from your list.

     Here is a clip from the cover letter sent to us by the American Animal Hospital Assoc. - sponsors of the 'Lookup Tool'.  (They also sent detailed IT guidelines...not shown here.)

     "From a technical stand point, we don’t access your database directly but rather through a web service or a webpage dedicated to serving results to our server. We do our best to be as flexible as possible with regards to how you provide us your data.

     Option 1 – Our preferred method is to connect to a web service. Most of the participating registries have chosen this route. For this method your company would create a web service that would query your registry’s database and return a specific set of data about a microchip number passed from our server.

     Option 2 – We also have one or two participating registries that have chosen to create a striped out webpage that simply takes a microchip number as a query string and displays the results on the webpage. In this case our server will get the page and scan for the results.

     The information we need either method to return is the following:

     Is the microchip registered in your registry? Yes or No (Required)
     If so, When was the information added or last updated? Date (Required)
     Did you distribute this microchip? Yes or No (Optional)
     Did you manufacture this microchip? Yes or No (Optional)

     As for the process, typically I will provide your IT department with our example Lookup Service Doc (attached) which just contains examples of how we connect to other registries. Then your IT department will create a web service or webpage and provide me with the URL so I can work to integrate it into the tool. Other things I need are your company’s logo and 800 number to display when a microchip is found in your registry. (I believe we already have your 800 number.)"

     Thanks to anyone who can help me.
Jean Anne