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Web publishing format is incorrect

Question asked by DanielClark on Jan 20, 2011


Web publishing format is incorrect


When I use instant web publishing and check my database through my browser (I am running Mac OS 10.6.6 with Safari, but also used IE on XP to double check), I notice that the format of my layouts get screwed up - like significantly. I have a large tab item that is colored grey with a blue background behind it, and the objects on the tabbed item are there and functional, but the tabbed item (as well as the tabs at top) is just not there. What gives? I have checked to make sure the layers are in order.

Also, in table view - when I'm entering new records - or just editing old ones, the table cells are about 3/4 the size of the font - so I can't see the entire word that I'm typing - really weird. It's certainly not like that on my local machine. What gives? Thanks.