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Web publishing from Uverse home network not working

Question asked by Jerry on Oct 24, 2013
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Web publishing from Uverse home network not working





     Hello--I am trying to arrange IWP for Filemaker Pro 12 (trial) on a Win 7 machine behind a Uverse router (voice, broadband, TV combined). 

     My fmp12 file is not in the Filemaker directory but on another internal drive on the same machine as my Filemaker installation.  Certainly, I can see the file through a web browser on the same machine instantly using the local address in my home network. 

     Regarding port forwarding on the Uverse router, I followed Uverse directions and added Filemaker Web Publishing TCP 5003 108.XXX.XXX.XXX as a user defined application to the correct computer so that it shows up on my Firewall status report for the router.

     My standard Windows Firewall shows 2 inbound rules for  Filemaker Web Publishing, all ports, one for TCP and one for UDP. I can set these for all protocols instead of specifying TCP and UDP but I have not.  For now it is set to allow public, private and domain connections.  The firewall application seems to create two similar inbound rules that it calls Filemaker Pro.  I have not added these to the router configuration as a user defined app Filemaker Pro.  Should I add it in addition to or instead of Filemaker Web Publishing?   Is there supposed to be an outbound rule also? 

     When I access it from a computer on another network entirely (from my workplace, via I get a message from the Google chrome browser:  "No data received.  Unable to reload the web page because server sent no data." 

     Perhaps I am making contact with the computer where Filemaker Pro is but it is not talking back.

     The directions given by Filemaker Pro are distressingly vague.  Can anyone help correct and finish this configuration?


     Thanks,  Jerry