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    Web publishing from Uverse home network not working



      Web publishing from Uverse home network not working





           Hello--I am trying to arrange IWP for Filemaker Pro 12 (trial) on a Win 7 machine behind a Uverse router (voice, broadband, TV combined). 

           My fmp12 file is not in the Filemaker directory but on another internal drive on the same machine as my Filemaker installation.  Certainly, I can see the file through a web browser on the same machine instantly using the local address in my home network. 

           Regarding port forwarding on the Uverse router, I followed Uverse directions and added Filemaker Web Publishing TCP 5003 108.XXX.XXX.XXX as a user defined application to the correct computer so that it shows up on my Firewall status report for the router.

           My standard Windows Firewall shows 2 inbound rules for  Filemaker Web Publishing, all ports, one for TCP and one for UDP. I can set these for all protocols instead of specifying TCP and UDP but I have not.  For now it is set to allow public, private and domain connections.  The firewall application seems to create two similar inbound rules that it calls Filemaker Pro.  I have not added these to the router configuration as a user defined app Filemaker Pro.  Should I add it in addition to or instead of Filemaker Web Publishing?   Is there supposed to be an outbound rule also? 

           When I access it from a computer on another network entirely (from my workplace, via GoToMyPC.com) I get a message from the Google chrome browser:  "No data received.  Unable to reload the web page because server sent no data." 

           Perhaps I am making contact with the computer where Filemaker Pro is but it is not talking back.

           The directions given by Filemaker Pro are distressingly vague.  Can anyone help correct and finish this configuration?


           Thanks,  Jerry

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               Port 5003 is the recommended port for file sharing, when using open-remote.  Port 591 is the port recommended for IWP.  http://www.filemaker.com/support/product/docs/12/fmp/fm12_instant_web_publish_en.pdf

               GoToMyPC is a total different service.  GoToMyPC allow you to access a computer from a different locations as if you were sitting in from of the computer.  GoToMyPC open ports in the firewall when you install it or the first time you run the program.   Basically everything is ran on the hosting machine and results is passed to the remote machine. 

               IWP is used to access your database by a web browser from a different location, by entering the public ip address into the web browser.  You can obtain your public ip address by going to a website like www.ipchicken.com on the hosting computer.  ###.###.###.###:591   

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                 I mentioned GoToMyPC.com only because  thought it mightbe tying up ports needed by Filemaker.  So, if the fact that I use it is not part of the problem, that is great.


                 Thanks for your reply. 


                 Here is the current situation


                 1.  Filemaker Pro has been now been configured to port 591. 

                 2.  The Windows firewall is configured to let it communicate to any network on any port via any protocol. 

                 3.  The ATT router has been configured to allow communication through it via port 591 for Filemaker Web Publishing, tcp protocol.

                 All of this is on my home network with Uverse.


                 When I operate  a browser on my work network (and I use GoToMyPC.com for this because I can't be on both networks at once because I can't be at two physical locations at once), I type in my proper IP address (not the internal one, but the one provided by my router which is the same as the one I get through ipchicken and similar services), the browser simply says it cannot connect, whether I put in the IP address or the IP address:591.


                 In other words, the Filemaker Pro directions, such as the one you provided a link to in your reply, and which I have by now spent hours examining, do not produce the desired result.


                 Any ideas where the configuration problem is?  I would like ot share the database on the web with my collaborators in my research project so we can evaluate it for about 5-10 licenses. 


                 Thank you,











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                   Ok, success.  The configuration looks like 1-3 in my previous e-mail. 

                   To be specific:

                   1.  IWP in Filemaker Pro 12 was set to port 591.  Program was closed and then reopened.  No results without taking this step. 

                   2.  Windows Firewall, inbound rues, were configured to operate on any protocol, on any port from any machine.  I may trim these down a bit for security while making sure the database still remains available remotely. I still have an outbound rule but do not know if it is important at all. 

                   3.  Uverse Firewall.  They have a built-in nice program  to open the Firewall for a user defined application.  You must configure the application manually for the computer on your home network that has Filemaker on it, for or port 591, protocol tcp, (leave time out and subtype of application blank).

                   Then, I used GoToMyPC.com to go to my work computer on an entirely different network and typed in my real, physical IP:591 and the IWP page appeared and I can work on my database from the different network as expected.

                   Filemaker should be a bit clear in its directions.  My problems were caused by port forwarding directions referring to 5003.  Port forwarding on my Uverse router to port 591, tcp protocol, solved this problem for Filemaker Pro 12 IWP.









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                     You don't have to use GoToMyPC to view a IWP databases.  GoToMyPC will run filemaker on the hosting computer.  Port 591 has to do with using a public network to access IWP directly.  If you access the IWP on the local network then the port does not come in to play.   Using GoToMyPC is like using your local network. GoToMyPC has it own ports to handle file request.  Using GoToMyPC  there is no need to use IWP because you could use Filemaker, which isn't limited.  You don't have to be at two locations to use IWP.  The purpose of IWP is for a databases to be hosted such as a website and can be accessed by a web browser just as any website.  You don't use GoToMyPC to access www.filemaker.com or any other website, I'm not saying it can't be done, but there is really no point to do so.  All this being said IWP setup correctly will work without GoToMyPC.  The reboot I would guess fixed your problem because port 591 will not be used if you are using GoToMyPC.

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                       S Chamblee,

                       I had the same initial response until I reread Jerry's last post.

                       Jerry is testing this from his home/host computer. To check to see if he can use IWP to connect, he is using GoToMyPC to access his office computer so that he can try out IWP to connect back from a location outside his "local network" without leaving home.

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                         I missed that.   I have a MyFI connection that I used to test from the same location and I've seen other user that think they had to use a service like GoToMyPC.  I guess I should read more than once. All the small writing starts to run together.