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    Web Shared Problem



      Web Shared Problem


      Hi all,

      So, I have a layout that uses a table. And I have a portal row tool that uses another table. When I click on a button, it should create a text box in the portal row, but this works only on my computer and not on web shared site. I can't create a field in a table that is not used by the layout. Is there a solution for that please?


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          In neither setup will a button "create a text box".

          Are you trying to open a custom dialog or new window here for entering the new info? If so, that isn't something you can do with Instant Web Publishing.

          Your options are to redesign the portal so that a suitably sized field for entering the text exists within the portal, Place a global field elsewhere on the layout and use a button to transfer the data from the global field to a field in a new portal record, or have your button change layouts to a layout where the user can enter data directly into a field of the portal table with a button to take them back again when they are finished entering the data.