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    Web Sharing Issues!!



      Web Sharing Issues!!


      FM PRO 11



      I have published my database using web sharing... after i did this i have run into 2 issues!!!! 


      1) The database can only be accessed if you are in the network the server computer is in... as far as my understanding goes thats the whole point of web sharing not having to be within the same network as your database.


      2) When you create a new record in the database you have a drop down that based on what you pick it reveals some hidden tabs with specific fields

      this works fine within filemaker but once you create a new record on the web version selecting one of the drop down options has no effect... it seems like the script doesnt work online... but it wasn't grayed out in the non web friendly scripts




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          Item 1, I haven't had to do this myself, but others on the forum have posted that you need to set your router up so that access from the outside is correctly forwarded to the static IP address of the computer hosting your database. You'll have to set up both your firewalls and port forwarding correctly.


          Item 2, That description suggests that you have a script trigger on your drop down. Script triggers can't be triggered by a user action from their web browser. You'll have to put a button next to the drop down to perform the script.

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            Great! i will be able to solve the web sharing issue over the weekend!! 


            As far as the drop down goes... i added a button and it totally works... the only thing i lost was that it used to default to a blank table (no fields) when a new record was created... it just opens to whatever you had selected in the previous records this can be changed after you select  a new option and click on the button to run the script

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              http://portforward.com   has good instructions for the router setup