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Web Sharing/Port Forwarding Issues

Question asked by camposr on May 19, 2010
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Web Sharing/Port Forwarding Issues


FileMaker Pro 11

OSX 10.5



Not quite sure if this steps more into Networking issues but here is my issue!


I am done with my database at this point and all i need to do is share it on the internet i am using the web sharing feature and everything was working fine until i tried to access the IP address from an outside network.  Turns out the connection times out every time if you are not within the network the server computer is in.... After reading a bit about the issue i learned about port forwarding and enabled it and set it up(using on the Linksys WRT54G router but still i wasn't able to connect... now the reason behind that could be because we dont have a static IP or that our Linksys router gets its connection from another router...... so i decided to set it up on my home network using an Airport Express where i also set up port mapping and i still couldnt access the the database when in another netwrok...


Is a static IP a must??


Did i miss something when it comes to port forwarding??


or Should i just pay the $45 and call FileMaker support??