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Web Viewer - Attempting to stream .m3u8

Question asked by joshua.brock on Apr 23, 2015


Web Viewer - Attempting to stream .m3u8


I am attempting to create a quick solution that will allow users to stream 4-6 simultaneous video feeds using a web viewer for each. Sometimes the URL for these will change so I have it set up that they can copy/paste the new URL as it becomes available. So the viewer works with common sites like YouTube, however these feeds are coming from a partner website and they are in .m3u8 format. I can view them in QuickTime and VLC, but when I try to stream them in a FM web viewer I get a blank window. Any thoughts? I'm using FM (well because I love it) because I want to give the user the ability to also make notes, capture screen shots related to the video feed right there in the database as they are monitoring these feeds for issues.   Thanks!