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    Web Viewer and Dropbox



      Web Viewer and Dropbox


           Hi All....

           I have a field in FM12pro that is a web viewer.

           Also have a field for a URL - this url is shown on web viewer as reference image for our database

           We upload these jpeg files to dropbox into a specific folder

           We then send the link to our customers via email

           I cannot make that link work

           if I paste the link on a browser, it works with no issues but web viewer will not show it

           A sample link is below


           Any ideas would help.

           Yes.... I do also have a button that would launch a browser to that URL and it does work ok - I wanted to show the link inside web viewer so user does not have to launch a browser to see it.



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               I get identical results with a FileMaker 12 Webviewer and when I paste the URL text into FireFox on Windows 7.

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                 must be something else then - I will re-create web viewer field and use a URL field to fill the custom address from

                 Thanks for checking - now I know it is something on my end



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                   If you want to compare a working database file with your solution, I tested this by opening the Known Bugs List Database, going to the tutorials layout and pasting your URL text into the URL field. I then selected the tab panel with the web viewer set up to use this text field and got the image I uploaded in my previous Post.

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                     Oh yes, forgot one minor wrinkle. This layout is customized for clipboard copy/pasting text to and from this forum. A script in it will save the current clipboard contents to a global field and then copy text to the clipboard every time you access a record on this layout. So to paste copied text, you navigate to the record that you want, then clip the clipboard icon to perform a script that copies the saved clipboard data from the global field back into the clip board so that it can be pasted.

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                       I had a ImageWebviewer that used html to display images, which let you resize the images.    The dropbox does not work the same way as just entering a url to an image using html. 

                       If you use html then it would look like


                       <meta http-equiv=\"REFRESH\" content=\"0;URL="  & ImageURL &  "\">

                       </html> "

                       You don't need the html.  This would be just extra work. 

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                         I have finally figured this out

                         Some of the dropbox links were working ok on web viewer and some were not

                         the ones that were not have file naming issues and it has to do with the naming convention and "SPACES"

                         here is a sample link in question:


                         Although this link will properly work on any browser, web viewer does not render it at all due to the "%20" that replaces the space on the link

                         Apparently one of our team members likes the spaces on his file names

                         That has been taken care of now and problem has been corrected


                         Thanks for the other notes - very helpful