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    Web viewer and Ipad



      Web viewer and Ipad


           Hello, I have created a webviewer that calculates the address from a global field. so each time I search I get my in house information on the product and some information from the internet. it works perfectly on filmmaker pro on the laptop but I get the message "the requested url was not found on this server" when I use filemaker go on the iPad. The ipad is connected to the web and web browsers work ok, just not within filemaker go?

           Can anyone help or tell me where I have gone wrong?

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               IOS version on iPad?  FM Go version?  Filemaker version? FMP on OS version?  iPad connected to your wireless network or other?

               Global field? Webviewer calculation?

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                                IOS version on iPad?  7.0.4

                                FM Go version? 13

                                Filemaker version? pro 13

                                FMP on OS version?  Windows 7

                                iPad connected to your wireless network or other? tried with wireless and 3G

                                Global field? this is a scanned barcode used to search my records in filemaker gBarcode::GBarcode

                                Webviewer calculation? "http://booko.com.au/" & gBarcode::GBarcode


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                   I tested a webviewer on windows 7, iphone and ipad with the following url "http://booko.com.au/9781430235309" which work correctly on all three devices.  I would assume there is a problem with your global field. 

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                     Do you have any idea what could be wrong with the global field? I have no idea where to start. All suggestions are welcome.



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                       Check to see that the correct value is in your global field. Check to see that global storage has actually been specified for it in Field Options.

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                         The value is there because the global field entry still works to search my records within the database. I also tried making a separate field which calculates the address. It calculated fine but if I used that field as the web address the webviewer stopped working on FileMaker Pro and the laptop. So I was worse off than before. I just can't see why it isn't working.

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                           And what is the calculation expression that you use to combine the  text with the contents of the global field?

                           You should use something like this: "http://booko.com.au/" & YourTable::YourGlobalField

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                             Yes that's how it looks. And works fine on FileMaker Pro just not in filemaker go on the iPad or iPhone. It doesn't doing like I am doing anything wrong I might just have a bug in my file. I will create it again to see if I can get it to work on IOS. Thanks for all your help 

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                               Is your iPad functioning as a client of a hosted database?

                               Did you check the value of your global field on the iPad just before trying to use the web viewer to access the web site?

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                                 Yes I think this is exactly what is happening. How do I make it function as it's own database?

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                                   A change made by one FileMaker client to a global field will not be visible to other clients. You need to assign the correct value to the global field using your iPad to do assign the value.

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                                     Thanks for all your help. But I do not follow what you mean I. Your last post. The global field is (barcode) scanned using the iPad so how do I assign it so the iPad recognizes it?

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                                       If the iPad in your hand scanned the barcode into a global field, then it's value should be available to you and your web viewer should be able to access the web site provided that you are computing a valid URL using that global field.

                                       What I was suggesting was that if the value was assigned to the global field by another iPad or computer client of the database, that global field would not be accessible on the iPad in your hand.

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                                         The iPad in my hand scanned the barcode. And using the global field finds the results in my search. The address must be correct because it works on the laptop. It's as though the webviewer can't find anything because I am not even getting a 404 not found as would happen if the address was incorrect. I just get a white box with a footer, in the footer it says  " the requested URL was not found on this server"  it's as though the webviewer itself just isn't working.  It's enough to drive someone insane.

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