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web viewer behaviour in tab panels

Question asked by mbrunton on May 22, 2009
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web viewer behaviour in tab panels


I wonder if somebody could give me a steer on where I'm going wrong with setting up web viewers in a tabbed panel (I'm reasonably au fait with FileMaker from way back but there's obviously something here I'm just not getting.)


I have successfully created 3 web viewers to query different databases with the content of a particular field. They all work as expected. But when I try to lay them out in a tabbed panel they do not respond properly to the tabs—that's to say, when I switch to browse mode all the viewers appear to trigger, and after changing tabs a couple of times only the content of one of them will show. I thought this might have something to do with the way the tabs arranged, I have tried sending everything backwards and forwards to no avail.


My next effort was to copy and paste a set of tabbed web viewers from FM's example database. I carefully replaced my own urls and search strings into the viewer setup boxes and hey presto, they did the same thing. After a lot of playing around it seems that whichever web viewer I set up last seems to hog the show every time. Are there some niceties of the setup search strings that might cause this behaviour?


The other oddity I notice is that although documentation says that "When a web viewer is on a non-front tab control it's URL calculation will not be evaluated," I can briefly see that the pages do flicker load before the dominant web page grabs the front.


I expect I'm missing something really obvious, but grateful if anyone could enlighten me.


Mick (Mac OSX 10.5.7, FM Pro 10)