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Web Viewer Calculation Question

Question asked by shogun on Feb 4, 2010
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Web Viewer Calculation Question


Hello - 


Have a question about a calculation.  

In my Contacts layout I want to be able to go into my "Map's" tab and depending on which radio button is clicked "Work" or "Home"  I want Google maps to launch in the web viewer and show the driving directions for that contact.  

I can get this to work with two separate calculations, one for "driving directions to work address" and "driving directions to home address" however I would like for this to be tied to the radio buttons,  so I end up with one calculation that works for either depending on which one is selected.  


Here is an example of the calc that displays Google driving directions from our office to the selected work address. 



PrintGoogleDirections ( 


T13_Contacts_SHOWS||xJoin||::setup address ; 

T13_Contacts_SHOWS||xJoin||::setup city ; 

T13_Contacts_SHOWS||xJoin||::setup state ; 

T13_Contacts_SHOWS||xJoin||::setup postal code ; 

T13_Contacts_SHOWS||xJoin||::setup country ; 




T13_CONTACTS::Address_WorkStreet ; 


T13_CONTACTS::Address_WorkState ;