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    Web viewer character limit workaround?



      Web viewer character limit workaround?



           I'm placing an interactive chart into a solution and I would like the color of each line/point to be conditional based on a FileMaker field. I have the HTML working great for small sample sizes, but I need to plot upwards of 100,000 points. For the conditional coloring, each point is individually identified which results in many lines of HTML.

           With the 30,000 character limit in calculations, it isn't possible to display that much code. Does anyone have an idea for a workaround?


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          Sometimes you can split your code into logical segments, place those segments into multiple calculation fields (or even repetitions) and then concatenate your calculation fields together in your Web viewer calc. Not ideal, but it's a simple workaround.
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                 Following Matthew's suggestion, I think most "big" webviewer calcs are gathering or concatenating information stored elsewhere. For example you may load most of your html into a global variable and the only use the calc to grab your FileMaker record data. Or have a script that writes the FileMaker record data to a separate global variable and the webviewer calc just marries that var with the html var.

                 One trick to keep min mind can be used for loading large blocks of text that won't fit in a calculation because of their length--I first saw Matt Petrowsky do this for the jQuery library: you can paste the text on to the layout. That is, paste it directly on to a layout like you'd paste any other object, then give that object a name and use GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( "yourobjectname" ; "content" ) to read the text of that object on system start up.

                 Unlike storing this text in fields or records, this technique survives cloning the file.

                 Hope that helps,


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                   Thank you, both.
                    I set up my solution to concatenate multiple fields containing large amounts of HTML and Java from the beginning. As it turns out, the problem was with a Highchart threshold. The default maximum number of points a Highchart will plot is 1000. I simply changed it to 500,000.