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    Web Viewer Dimension in IWP



      Web Viewer Dimension in IWP



      Is there any way of controlling the width of a web viewer container such that it is wider than 1 page when displayed in IWP (preferably dynamically)?

      The page that I am trying to display is fixed much wider than the screen resolution set in IWP. i.e. How do I set the width (of the web viewer) to stop the Left-Right scroll bars appearing. I hope this explanation is clear?

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          Hi Jason,

          no, you cant change the size of a web viewer dynamically. In your case, you only can fix it to the "more than one page" size. No, the scroll bars can not be hidden. ONly the status bar can be hidden.


          A little trick would be to make two ore more layouts with the web viewer in different sizes, you self must decide if this is an option for you. 


          Everybody who knows better, please post!


          Greetings from germany