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Web Viewer in IWP

Question asked by on May 13, 2012
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Web Viewer in IWP


I have developed a script that generates a complex report in HTML (in a global field).  I show this field in the Web Viewer on a layout. In FMP, it works great.  I can take the generated HTML and save it as a file and it opens and looks great in the browser.  I can't seem it get it to work in IWP.  I"m getting 2 different strange results.

If the amount of data is short (less than about 50 lines), I get a "The webpage cannot be displayed" error in the iFrame. Looking at the "View Source" option shows only the code for the error page.

If the amount of data is longer, I get the Web Viewer displaying with a white background and no text and no scroll bar.  Looking at "View Source" seems to show the proper HTML code in the iFrame (src="<html>.......</html>").

I've tried just using the "data:text/html, <html><head></head><body>This is a Web Viewer Test in IWP</body></html>" in the calculation field of the Web Viewer and I get the "The webpage cannot be displayed" error in the iFrame. I read several posts which had examples that were supposed to work on IWP web Viewer.  None of them worked for me.

I tried using the "Compatibility Mode" of the web browser.  This causes the entire web page (IWP) to fail for a short data set and has the same results with a long data set.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

FYI, I"m using FMP 11 Advanced on Windows 7 Pro with IE 9.0.