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    web viewer in list views



      web viewer in list views


      FM Pro 11 Advanced Mac.  Each record contains a calculation that results in the url of an image. There's a web viewer in the record body that displays the image of that calculated url. All works fine. The problem is that it only displays when I make the record active. I'd like a list view where I can just look down the list and see each image. Any thoughts? (Apologies if this has been covered; I couldn't find it.)


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          Seems to be something amiss in FileMaker itself. When the Body is sized so that only 6 records show on screen, then all Web Viewers display fine. When the Body is sized smaller so that more than 6 records show on screen, then some of the records don't load their Web Viewer contents. As you scroll up and down, whatever is up at the top of the window fails to show. When you scroll those to the bottom of the window, they will appear. 

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            I created a test with only one image per record, but it happily displays 20 images in list view.  Can you just check that the images are absolutely well inside the Body part?

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              Thank you very much for reaching out and checking on this. Unfortunately, still no luck. The display works fine on a PC. Clearly, a Mac issue. Very unfortunate, as not having an acceptable redraw on the Mac prevents me from rolling out this solution. 

              Again, thank you for jumping in.



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                Have you checked two settings on the Mac for the size of the Memory Partition?

                Filemaker has a preference setting that defaults to a small amount of RAM but can be set to 256 and its been a while but I think your FIlemaker application can be given more RAM in the system preferences. 

                Of course there is the issue of how big is the picture you are displaying? Is a 12 meg raw image or a 256 byte png image.

                Did you import the thumbnail with the image and use the thumbnail for your list view.

                Filemaker 12 supposedly addresses this issue by compressin the image, or something, on the server.

                One trick is to use either graphic software or a plugin, consider Troi, to both size the images to be shown as small as the container field and to compress them using jpeg or png files.

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                  Thank you Jack for the response. I will change the FM cache to 256 and see what that does, and will need to look more into the application memory. I believe with MacOSX it's dynamically allocated, but ensuring things are working there is good direction.

                  Those list views are made from web containers and point to urls, so there are no images in the db. Also, those images are their actual size at 57px x 68px in .jpg format. None are larger than 20k.

                  I did do a test and downloaded all the images and put them in Container fields; that actually displayed correctly. So it's something about the Web Viewer. Thank you again for the support. Regards, David.

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                    Container fields can be set to use a remote file rather than importing but an image imported is faster and more reliable and can be used in a local file without a remote connection.

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                      Thank you for the input.

                      Yes, this solution is all about providing a list/view of product images that exist on a remote web site. So, getting those images local and importing into Containers actually defeats the purpose. Having tested extensively, it's absolutely a FileMaker Mac client issue. Any time a Browse screen has more than about 40 web viewers some of them stop working. When in IWP or FIleMaker Pro Windows client, it works fine.

                      In the solution, each product record may have up to 25 web containers that represent the production web site collection of images, alternate images, and color swatches for an item; so, I can't have a Browse of a layout that has more than one record per screen. Am trying to tweak the entire design so that it still works in IWP.