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Web Viewer needs additiona hard return???

Question asked by DavidLott on Mar 11, 2011
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Web Viewer needs additiona hard return???


I have a strange problem now.  It worked about a month ago, but now it isn't.

For an ISBN for a bookstore program, I set a field that I call gISBNLookup.  I use it to produce a link to for additional book details.  If I copy and paste the gISBNLookup into a regular Internet Explorer address bar, it takes me to the initial find of the book on Amazon.  Here is an example of gISBNLookup:

However, if the Web Viewer is set to the gISBNLookup field, it pulls up and says:

Your search "9780310420705" did not match any products.

BUT, if I simply place the cursor at the end of the "9780310420705" that is in the search window within the Web Viewer and simply do a hard return ("Enter"), it finds the book fine.

As I said before, about a month ago it worked fine. Any idea as to what might have happened?