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    Web Viewer not refreshing automatically in FileMAker GO



      Web Viewer not refreshing automatically in FileMAker GO



           On My Layout, I have inserted a web viewer in order to allow scrolling on a non editable field. On the same Layout I have buttons (inside a portal) that will change the content displayed in the web viewer. 

           The script I am using for these portal rows is the following: 

           Set Field (LAYOUT TABLE:: SelectedContent_ID ; JOINT TABLE:: Content_ID)

           Commit records

           Set Variable ($$Button; Value: LAYOUT TABLE:: SelectedContent_ID)

           Go to Object (WEB VIEWER OBJECT NAME)

           Refresh Window. 


           My issue is that when I am clicking from one button to another the content in the web viewer does not change automatically and I have to click on the "refresh"  icon INSIDE the Web Viewer to have the content change. 

           Could you please advise?


           I also have buttons that direct to the Layout in which I have the webviewer.

           When clicking one of the button with the "Go to Layout (The one in which I have the Web Viewer) script step", I can see the WEB VIEWER for a second before seeing the whole Layout. Basically , WebViewer is displayed before the Layout (this is for 1 second but still it affects the experience)


           Could you please advise on work arounds or solutions for this?