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    web viewer question



      web viewer question


      hello all


      Web viewer question. I have a layout that takes me to a web site, the site then asks for a user name and password, can any one please tell me if there is a way of saving this user name and password so as it does not need to entered every time we view the web site




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          Lastpass is a free password utility that runs within most browsers. It keeps the username, password, and will autofill and or autologin.

          It is free.  There are other utilities that do this, Lastpass is just the one I have settled on.

          Depending on the site, you can set up the URL to include the username and password. Depends on the site.

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            hello david

            thanks for the reply, i have a web viewer layout in a filemaker database it's not a browser, downloaded lastpass and tried it but it didn't work with filemaker, 

            Thanks for your time

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              You may be able to set the URL with the encoded login credentials.  I have one set like this in one of my solutions. (modified for my protection)



              The unmodified URL above automatically logs in and I donot have to do it every time I open the webviewer.  Check your site and see if something is available like this to do.  I went to my site and used the View Source code to figure out what the form fields on the webpage were called, then typed in the credentials, and hit submit, and watched the address bar to see how it was encoded.  It changes very fast so I had to do it several time to figure it out.

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                Hello Marc


                Thanks for the reply, i am waiting on an email from the web master of the site for something like you have written in your reply, thanks for the answer just what i was after, will reply with the outcome, once again thanks for your time