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Web Viewer Question

Question asked by TomPingel on Aug 6, 2013
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Web Viewer Question


     I'm looking for an alternative to using 'Open URL' in my solution to 'post' data to a web-site. Open URL works but because of length limitations on the URL I need multiple 'Open URL'  'posts' to complete the process,  Each post opens a new tab in the user's browser, My users complain that a single update sequence of their data using the 'Open URL' approach leaves their browser open with several hundred tabs of unnecessary information when the process completes.

     So I'm looking to 'Set Web Viewer' and using web viewer objects instead of Open URL to post the data.


     Because of the limited length of the URL that can be used in Set Web Viewer script step (even more restricted than Open URL),

     And because there is no way to tell when a 'post' to the web viewer is 'done' (at least I don't think so. Can you 'Read'' the content of the Web Viewer in a script?),

     and beacuse a subsequent post to a web viewer that wasn't 'Done' apparently interrupts or supercedes processing in the previous post,

     I am forced to put multiple web viewer objects on the same layout to allow each 'post' to independently complete normally (at least I think that should work. That's what happens with my 'Open URL' solution).

     To do this, I may need as many as several  hundred web viewer objects on the layout to completely 'post' the data for some of my user's applications.

     While trying to test this scenario (I have 192 web viewer objects defined on the layout), FMP12 continually 'crashes'.

     Is that because there is a limit on the number of web viewer objects that can be on a layout at one time? Can multiple web viewers be actively interacting with the internet at the same time? Or is there something else I need to know?