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    Web Viewer time-out



      Web Viewer time-out


      I am loading a web page into a web viewer. The page uses php to process some large xml files, so takes over a minute to load. It works fine in a browser, but times-out in FileMaker 11. Is it possible to increase the time-out setting for the FileMaker web viewer?

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               I'm having exactly the same issue—this must be a change in 12.0.3, as my solution worked fine until very recently (Easter time was the last time I tried it). Basically, the page never refreshes, but 'hangs' at the form submission page. The same page in Safari and Chrome works fine.

               Thanks FileMaker!


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                 Hi JonJ,

                 I don't think I ever solved the web viewer problem, and, in this particular case, had to go outside filemaker. However, there are some scripts that I use to get web page content thatlike to call from within filemaker that might be made to work, namely using applescript to call a curl request:

                 Perform AppleScrfipt ["set cmd to \"curl 'http://yoursite.com/somepage.php?var1=val1&fmvar1=" & FilemakerDB::Field & "'\"" & ¶ & "set applescriptVar to do shell script cmd" & ¶ & "set cell \"FilemakerDBField\" of current record to applescriptVar"]

                 Should be more flexible anyway.




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                   I'm experimenting with adding a flush(); somewhere early in my php script, to let the webviewer know that something is on the way back.

                   Very irritating, though. Even if it is going to time-out (without the ability to adjust the timeout length), they could at least show a 'page not available page' to let you know what's going on. 

                   I can work around by opening a browser, but it's a lot less elegant.