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Web Viewer using data:text/html,<html>

Question asked by on Apr 26, 2013
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Web Viewer using data:text/html,


     I've added a webviewer to our existing database and I can see the results of the webviewer but no one else in my office can.

     Any ideas why its not working?

     I'm using Filemaker Pro 12 Advance and a iMac with a VM for Windows.

     Everyone else is using Filemaker Pro 12 on a PC.

     We have other web viewer objects that work fine for everyone. it's the data:text/html,<html> that's not displaying the results.

     Here's the very basic code we're trying to do in webviewer:


     <p><marquee scrollamount=3><b>"&TrafficManager7::MarqueeHeader&"</b></marquee></p>