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Web-Deployed Scheduling and Invoicing

Question asked by RayMentor on Jun 19, 2009
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Web-Deployed Scheduling and Invoicing


I received an inquiry from a client I've helped in the past. He has a plumbing business with several employees in the field on a daily basis. He's looking for a FM solution that would enable each of these folks to use their laptops and cell modems to access a web-based scheduling calendar and invoicing database. Of course, he doesn't want to spend much $$ so my creating a custom solution is out of his budget. Is anyone aware of a moderately priced solution in FM that would enable him and his employees to share a scheduling calendar over the web and submit and print invoices to customers in the field? 


Would you think iCal and a simple IWP version of a stock FM invoicing system would be the way to go should we fail to locate a more targeted solution?


Thanks in advance for any ideas/leads.