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Webb published database - how can users add files?

Question asked by VeHo on Oct 11, 2009
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Webb published database - how can users add files?


I have FM 10 advanced on my Mac, and we use FM server 10 advanced (trial version) to publish a database I have built. My problem is: I originally wanted users to be able to upload a PDF file to a container field, but have realized that it (that is: The script I was supposed to use) is not supported in web publishing. 


Question: Could someone advice me how to create an alternative solution? I am a beginner with FM, and now the only solution I can see is that I should ask my colleagues to send me the files, and let me input them locally in my Mac before I upload the database to the server again. This seems like a lot of extra work for me :-( and a inflexible way of dealing with the problem.


Hope to hear from someone more creative than me!