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Webdirect : Full control on commit by script only

Question asked by willy_peeters on Jan 15, 2014


Webdirect : Full control on commit by script only


I would like to control the record commit by my own buttons and scripts for a layout in Webdirect. In FM12 I did this with IWP and there it was quit easy to implement, IWP did not commit by "background clicks".

     I would like to preserve that way of working in Webdirect. I found some older posts where is explained that it can be done by intercepting the layout background mouse click that triggers the commit record by placing an invisible, blank web viewer or dummy button behind all fields and buttons sized to cover the entire body of the layout. and

This trick works indeed in FMpro. But to my despair it does not works in Webdirect.

Should it work? Is there another solution?

I hope there a simple solution without having to rewrite what worked in FM12.