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    WebDirect Container Field Link instead of Content



      WebDirect Container Field Link instead of Content


           We have a solution in FileMaker 13, using WebDirect, where we want to display a link to the contents of a Container field (stored externally, securely), so that the user can click on the link and have it show them the PDF in the full page (not in a FileMaker-rendered box).

           Ironically, there's a bug with WebDirect currently that allows us to do exactly that, but only in Firefox or Chrome:  the content is not rendered and in its place is the content name (a PDF filename) and it's a link to the PDF (the link is like https://myserver.test.com/Streaming/Additional_1/FM-XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXX.pdf)

           But in Safari or IE, the container is rendered, and we can't find a way to get that URL.  We've tried GetContainerAttributes and nothing there gives that URL that we can use on the web.

           We want the Firefox/Chrome behavior to be everywhere, in all browsers, and even after they fix the "bug" that currently makes it possible.

           Any ideas how to get that URL above out of a Container field that contains a PDF?

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          HI John

          I have just encountered this issue and also would like to take advantage of the streaming url if it can be extracted from the database somehow.

          Did you ever find a way to do this?

          Could a custom function be created to collect this data?



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            Unfortunately we never found a way of doing this.  We ran out of time to mess with it at the moment, but I was thinking that maybe the PHP interface would give a way to access the content directly.  When we get back to it, we'll probably look in that direction.

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              Thanks for your response.

              I could not find a way of extracting the "192.168.xx.xxx/Streaming/MainDB/FM-xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.pdf" url from the database either. I may ask support if they can release the method calculation that names the files.

              The reason that I want to use this is because Chrome will not open a network address url from the webdirect page I have created. It simply opens a pop up window with the word blank in the address bar. However when the http://"streaming" url is scripted into the webdirect page the document opens in a new tab in the browser without issue. I have tried to manually alter the url format to link to another folder on the server (with the original document names intact) but this has proved unsuccessful. (Internet explorer allows me to use a standard network address url to access the documents but I would like the flexibility of running my webdirect solution in different browsers)

              My current solution is to setup a batch file that runs every few minutes on the server to copy any files added to the external (open) storage folder (via the databses container field)  to the streaming folder!!!  I have then scripted an Open URL button into the Filemaker layout that is able to open the documents in a browser window via the webdirect UI. ........ There must be a more sensible way but I am not a programmer and PHP is beyond my capabilites.

              Just to note that the "MainDB" folder in the "Streaming" folder has some unusual attributes/properties. It is a cross between a file folder and a shortcut link. I had simply hoped to change the shortcut address in the file folder properties and point this to the external (open) folder, but the option to do this is greyed out and cannot be changed.

              If anyone has a more sensible approach that achieves the same thing I am all ears!