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Webdirect Excessive Refresh Troubleshoot

Question asked by markvogan on Jan 9, 2014
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Webdirect Excessive Refresh Troubleshoot



     I am accessing Webdirect running Windows 8 64-bit and Chrome. I have ESET NOD32 installed for antivirus/firewall.

     I get excessive refresh with Webdirect in every browser with every kind of layout:

     I created a database in FM13. I made a layout with only 2 text fields and nothing else. When I tab from field to field or go from record to record, it stops to refresh for about 6 seconds with 4 distinct refresh operations where I see the little circle thing while the screen goes grey. Same thing happens when I click anywhere on screen.

     My coworker has an experience that looks and feels a lot like native filemaker on his similar machine. His experience is great on Webdirect. Mine is awful. We need to solve this before we roll it out to our 500 users worldwide. Some of them will have a similar experience, and I need to be able to troubleshoot that for them.

     By the way, don't tell me to get rid of ESET NOD32. Many of our people are required to use this program. If it is part of the problem, we need to work within its limitations.

     Note: The data in the image is generated test data.