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Webdirect Import Script

Question asked by ChrisBaker on Jun 18, 2015


Webdirect Import Script


Good morning everyone,

I'm writing this post because I just created an Attendance database with the help of a wonderful person on this Formus but one of the things that I'm having problems with is that how the database was made  I could go in and select a CREATE a  record and then select the class that I want to take attendance for that day and I would hit my button that imports all those students who are enrolled in that class. So when I have it on my filemaker Pro 13 advanced native application it works well but once I take it to webdirect it's not working I was wondering if anyone out there knows why this is the case or may be able to take a look at the database to see where I could've gone wrong or add some additional script that to make this process work.

Link to Database