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WebDirect quirk, only on web browser

Question asked by on Feb 13, 2015
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WebDirect quirk, only on web browser


Hi all, I'm thinking this is a bug, but want to make sure first. My database is being used via WebDirect on web browsers, and I am having issues with a report layout that is in list view.  I have three different Sub-Summary categories that I am using, company, year and product type. 



The issue comes in when I refresh or sort to show all the sub-summaries (the issue is both in safari and chrome, on two different apples). The layout has a header, sub-summaries (one company can have multiple years under it and each year can have multiple products...the products each have summaries for all records of that product, and all the product info gives a summation to the year and then all the years give a summation to the company) a trailing grand summary, and a footer. 

When I'm in the web-based version and there are more than 3 sub-summary lines, whenever I click on any sub-summary line after the 3rd one, the page refreshes and shows me a smaller number of sub-summaries, the header and footer, but excludes the trailing grand summary. If I click on the first 3 sub-summaries or on any other section, nothing happens. If I try to repeat this on my local Filemaker Pro software, nothing happens. I have made object boxes and placed them on top of all sub-summaries and it still acts in this way. Also, if the browser is put on a screen that is big enough to not need a scroll bar, things work as they should. When I do a full report in another account that has many more companies, and thus sub-summary parts, the scrolling often acts a bit wonky. I have made sure there are no buttons or scripts in any of these parts.

To me, it seems like there's something going on in the html/css translation, particularly with the scroll function. If there are not any ideas, I will report this as a potential bug-- where would I do this? Thanks!