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    Webdirect Speed



      Webdirect Speed


           Does anyone have any suggestions for improving speed with WebDirect?

           I have tried turning off the auto save record in Layout Setup but this has given me a few other issues and it's still not as fast as IWP. Even basic things like pressing tab to jump to the next field seems to take a few seconds.


           We're running on a brand new MacMini.


           Thanks in advance for your support.

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               Another user found that "parental controls" were set in what I believe was his anti-virus software. That created a much more noticeable slow down until he disabled that feature.

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                 Phil - no parental controls, just accessing it locally through Safari on another Mac.

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                   Here are some useful points for speeding up the processings on webdirect.

                   - Layout needs to be simple for web direct as browser do not have a server engine like Filemaker pro . Browser is fully dependent upon the server to render the data.
                   - Don't use lots of objects on an layout , try to break it according to the requirements, as object loading time will be more in browser if there are a lot of objects.
                   - Use of custom theme to similar type object will make the layout loading faster as they will share a same code of descriptive CSS .
                   - Do not the hack the CSS of themes if the solution is used in hybrid environment (FM 12, FM 13, Go , webdirect)
                   - Using large size (resolution) of image on a layout is not recommended for web direct.
                   Instead of using the  images as buttons , the fm default buttons can be used.
                   -Use of more tabs and slide controls are not recommended for web directed as the the non visible tab will not download the required data from the server. When the tab becomes active the browser will ping the server for require data. Same is the case for pop overs.