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webdirect, email, perform without dialog?

Question asked by njem on Dec 16, 2014
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webdirect, email, perform without dialog?


I stumbled on this in the help file and it stopped my heart. Hope you can get it going again. In the description of "send mail" it says, "FileMaker WebDirect does not support the Perform without dialog or Attach File options." I'm hoping I'm misreading that. No perform without dialog? My users are public users at a fundraising website via webdirect. They don't even know they're in FM or anything other than normal web stuff. I scrupulously avoided dialogs in the design in part because it was originally in IWP and dialogs weren't supported but also so it all seems web-like. Also pop ups sometimes confuse people, get blocked, divert them from the intended sequence of steps. I have several places I need a simple text email to go, like you forgot your password, or you made a pledge and a confirmation email goes to you and to the person you pledged to. Those need to just go, not ask some dialog question first. The confirmation to the person pledged, for instance, I don't want dependent on the pledger clicking the right button. Tell me it ain't so?