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    WebDirect: Can't edit portal fields in Popover



      WebDirect: Can't edit portal fields in Popover


           Using WebDirect, when i display a record from a portal in a popover, i can see the content of the record fine but when i try to edit a field, my changes dissapear the moment i leave the field (by clicking next to it for example)

           i can edit fields directly in the portal without problems, just as soon as it is edited in a popover, it won't save my changes. It doesnt matter in which portal row i try it. It seems like the popover loses track of the record i am in therefor it cannot save, which is strange because it displays the record's content

           I do not have the problem in the client, only in WebDirect.

           To make it clearer i added a screenshot.

           The popover displays the record from the portal. When i try to change the text "record 4" to "record 3"  it won't save the changes.

           I hope i managed to explain my problem.