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WebDirect: Per field or layout based validation

Question asked by sbhex on May 8, 2014
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WebDirect: Per field or layout based validation


     Hi there,

     I have a table with several required fields. Historically I have added custom validation messages to each field to alert the user when they have not entered a value or met other criteria. This worked fine in my old IWP setup as users were only warned of validation errors when they committed the data by pressing a 'confirm' button. In WebDirect, however, validation occurs when the user clicks on the background, clicks on the confirm button, scrolls down - pretty much anything other than clicking on a field. This can get annoying - a user may be completing a record, scrolling down the page to access the other fields, and is inadvertently prompted with a validation error.

     My question is as follows; Is there a better way of ensuring users meet field validation requirements for WebDirect users? I am toying with the idea of removing the per field validation and applying script based validation to buttons, preventing the user from progressing if they've not met the criteria. Is this a wise move?

     I'd greatly appreciate your thoughts!